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Car Covers

Among the various usages of the tarps, the car covers, occupy one very important one. When you have purchased a very precious and costly car for hundreds of thousands of bucks, there is the need of the time to protect the cars and other vehicles from dust, dirt, the water and even from the environmental hazards. The dust and dirt the starch enemies of the high priced cars which damages the high quality car polish which is the crux of the beauty and shine of the car. Car covers are widely used to protect the cars and other vehicles against the environmental damages.

Typically, the best car covers must be soft in nature and light in weight in order to handle them by a single person, quickly. These car covers are made with the fine yet thick cotton fabric which is woven with tight weave design. The car covers for the indoor usage ae totally different from the outdoor car covers. The indoor car covers are soft in nature and are made to cover the cars to protect them from the dust and dirt only. But the outdoor car covers must be thick and heavy duty in nature in addition to the waterproofing. The waterproof car cover is made with the fabric which is woven with cotton and is mixed with yarn to make it waterproof.

Car covers for sale at our place are made with the different styles and designs. The add grip and the fixation around the cars and vehicles, the car covers are fitted with the eyelets at the appropriate intervals to provide mechanism to fasten the cord around the car and the vehicle. The strength of the indoor car covers and the outdoor car covers depends upon the material and the structural design. The quality is the ingredient of our products which are not bargained at any cost.

  1. Waterproof Car Cover UV Protective Premium Quality Dust Proof Car Cover

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    Price: £54.62 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Full Car Cover Large Size UV Protective Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Indoor Car Cover

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    Price: £60.10 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Medium Size Universal Full Car Cover UV Protective Waterproof Breathable Car Cover

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    Price: £58.27 (Excl. VAT)