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Wicket Covers

Wicket covers are the most common type of accessory for the cricket lovers and the owners of the cricket stadiums. These covers serve on the purpose of providing protection to your wickets from different elements including the weather as well as external interference.

The cricket wicket covers are usually made from materials like PVC plastic and polyurethane materials but, they might also be made from the vinyl plastic which is transparent and lets you see through it. The PVC wicket covers are usually waterproof and also protect your wickets from the dust and environmental change.

The wicket covers are used at almost all the cricket stadiums and they have become the necessary part of cricket kits which are needed to protect the cricket pitches and save them from unauthorized access. We are the wicket covers UK supplier in the United Kingdom who offer a wide range of cricket covers to our customers which are made from premium quality materials. You can get the cricket wicket covers at desirable rates from us and get them delivered to your desired location.

  1. Waterproof Super White Cricket Wicket Cover Tarpaulin 200gsm

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    Price: £391.62 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Waterproof Tarpaulin Super Red Cricket Wicket Cover 200gsm

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    Price: £601.10 (Excl. VAT)

  3. White Polypropylene Cricket Ground Boundary Rope

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    Price: £437.16 (Excl. VAT)