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Shock Cord with Toggle

The specific usage of the tarpaulins decides about the usage of the type of the accessories for the placement and the grip of the tarpaulins at the place. If you want to have firm grip upon the sides or the corners of the tarp, the strong accessories with design which cannot slip from the each other are most preferred. The strong grip, without slip, is the ideal level of the grip which is provided by the shock cord with toggle. The toggle is a round know which is inserted and fed through the hole of the eyelets and fixed with the fixation points. The design of the toggle does not allow the toggle to remain firm upon the fixation point.

The toggle is attached at both the sides of the shock cord. The shock cord is made with the strands, made with the elasticated which are stretchable in nature. Many strands are tied together in the shape of the rope and are wrapped by the stretchable fabric or the UV polypropylene sheath. On the other hand, the toggles are made with the very strong, hard and durable blue or black steel which are galvanized in order to save them the environmental oxidation or the rusting while remaining in the open air environment.

The shock cord for sale, available at our place, are 20cm in size but can be stretched to the 40cm when fully stretched. The loop of the shock cords are fed through the eyelets, available at the all four sides and corners of the tarpaulin, and then are tied at the fixation point. There are another type of the toggles in use which can be used in pairs. The actual strength of the shock cord with toggle is in the elasticity of the shock cord and the metal of the toggle. The high quality of the shock cords with toggle, like other products available at our place for sale, are known around the United Kingdom for the high quality. The quality is that ingredient which is not bargained at any cost or the price and is the prime cause of the popularity of our products.


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