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Shock Cord Fixings

The importance of the shock cord is evident from the fact that almost all the fastening accessories apply the shock cord. The high quality of the shock cord is due to its high standards of the manufacturing. The shock cords are made with the elasticated strands of the stretchable material which are tied together in shape of the rope. Then the rope is covered by the elastic fabric or the UV polypropylene sheath. At both the ends of the shock cords, the fixings are attached which work to bind the tarpaulins upon the place or the vehicle.

Shock cord fixings are easier to work upon; just feed the loop from the hole of the eyelets, fitted at all the four sides and corners of the tarp, and then fix the fixing mechanism with the fixation points at the place or the vehicle. Chock cord fittings are the same shock cord fixing which are made with the very strong, hard and the durable rust proof and oxidation free blue or black steel which is further galvanized to protect the fixings from the rust or the other environmental pollutants.

Shock cord fixings UK, available at our place for sale, are made with the high quality materials and excellent working design and the structural fitting mechanism. Like the other products, available at our place for sale, the shock cord for sale is famous around whole the United Kingdom market for the very high quality. The quality of the products, available for sale, is the main ingredient of our products which is not bargained at any cost or price.


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