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Shock Cord - 100m Reels

The usage of the shock cords depends upon the type and need of the level of the protection, the size of the tarpaulins and the duration for which the accessories are needed. The chock cords are available at our place for sale are available in the different lengths. Their purchase by the specific buyer depends upon the need of the purchaser. Typically, the shock cords for sale are available in the shape of the reels which are big or small, depending upon the length of the shock cord required.

The shock cords are available at our place in the reels and hanks. If you are willing to purchase the 50 meters or the 100 meters of the shock cord, the same are sold upon the reels. But, if you are willing to purchase less length of the shock cord, you may purchase the shock cords in hanks or the coils.

Normally, the shock cord 100m reels are used for the sale of the 100 meters of shock cord. The shock cord reels are made with the high quality UV polycarbonate plastic which provides the good abrasion resistant. The inner core of the reel is made with the solid rubber, which is again UV stabilized in order to give it the high quality. Shock cord 100m reels for sale are made with very high quality material to sustain the again and again usage of the shock cords. So, the maintenance of the high standards of the quality is the major task which is assigned to us. We try our best to come up to the expectations of the customers. Like our other products, the shock cord 100m reels, available at our place, are popular in whole the United Kingdom market for the high quality. The high quality is that ingredient which makes us popular and we don’t bargain our this main ingredient at any cost or the price.


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