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Ball Bungees - 20cm

One the widely applied accessories to fasten the tarpaulins at the exact desired place is ball bungees 20cm. The ball bungees 20cm are made with the elasticated strands of the material which are tied together to make the rope of differing sizes. The bungee shock cord is then covered with the stretchable fabric or the UV polypropylene sheath. The ball bungees 20sm are attached with the balls of differing sizes which are elastic in nature. The ball bungees 20cm for sale at our place are stretchable to 40cm when fully stretched.

It is easier to use the ball bungees 20cm UK to fasten thetarpaulin. Just feed the loop of the ball bungee shock cord through any eyelets so that the balls are fitted against the eyelets, snugly. Now, fasten the loop with the fixed point.

The high quality ball bungees are available at our place in black and white colors and in packs of differing sizes. There are basically two main ingredients of the ball bungees which makes highly useful accessory. On is the material and the other is the structural design. Like our other products, available at our place for sale, the ball bungees 20cm are known around whole the United Kingdom for the high quality. The quality is our main ingredient which is not bargained at any cost and price. But, if you are willing to enjoy the discounts, you may contact our marketing team for the quantity and price discounts. The second ingredient of our products is the customer service. We ensure the delivery of the ordered products from our place to your given address and at your doorsteps within the United Kingdom within the 24 hour time after the receipt of the confirmed order along with the payment.

  1. High Quality Heavy Duty Black Ball Bungees 20cm

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