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Bungee Cord

Bungee cord, or sometimes called shock cord, is made up of the elastic and stretchable material strands which are stretchable. Many such strands are tied together in the shape of a rope which is wrapped and covered by the fabric or the UV polypropylene plastic sheath. The elasticity of the bungee cords depends upon the specific usage for which they are being made. The bungee cord, used for the fastening of the tarpaulins at the desired place, are used in the small sizes in lengths which are 12cm to 20cm are stretchable to the up to the 20cm to 30cm when are fully stretched.

Black bungee cord is made with the recycled material, cheap in price and are wider in usage. This is made with bigger diameter and are widely used to face the very tough pressure. The bungees are used along with many other types of the accessories, such as, the hooks which are made with the very strong, had and durable blue or black steel, depending upon the nature of their usage and quality. The hooks are galvanized in order to protect the hooks from rusting, oxidation process or the other environmental damages. The bungee hooks are applied to fasten the tarps where quick and urgent hooking is required.

Elastic shock cord is fitted with the hooks upon both the sides. The loop of the shock cord can be passed through the eyelets, fitted at the corners and the sides of the tarpaulins and the loop is then fixed at the fixation points. The main strength of the elastic shock cords are made with the high quality of the material which makes it the stretchable to great extent and the other adjoining accessories. The quality of the products, available at our place, are famous around whole the United Kingdom.