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Snap 'n' Tap Eyelets

The strength of the tarpaulins depends, largely, upon the accessories which are used to fasten the tarpaulin at the desired place. Without the good quality of the accessories, the tarpaulins cannot achieve the object of the protection against the water, rainfall, the dust or the dirt. There are many accessories which are used to add the protection level upon the tarpaulin. Snap 'n' Tap Eyelets are such accessories which are recommended to provide the grip around the tarpaulin.

Though the tarpaulins are provided with the built-in eyelets to fasten the tarpaulins upon the desired place but, if you are willing to add some additional eyelets upon the sides and the corners of the tarpaulins are recommended to apply the snap n tap eyelets. IF you have added some additional fixing points to manage the pressure upon the tarpaulins, these tap eyelets are widely applied to reduce and spread the pressure around at the corners and sides of the tarpaulins. These additional eyelets can increase the life span of tour high quality and high priced tarp.

The snap n tap eyelets, available at our place for sale, are 12mm and 20mm diameter in size and are available in various colors. Tap eyelets UK are normally made with the very strong and durable UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic. You may also buy snap n tap eyelets, made with brass which are commonly applied to replace and repair the worn out eyelets. It is easy to use the eyelets; just make a hole in the tarpaulin, at the desired place, and insert the male part of the eyelets through and upon the other side, place the washer and them place female part on the edge. Now, use a heavy hammer and the eyelet is fitted at the place, strongly and firmly.

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