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Shock Cord

Though the high quality of the material with which the tarps are made is important for the safe and sound protection against the water and rain fall but the other popular type of the accessory to fasten the tarpaulin at the right place is shock cords. The shock cord is made with the strands of elasticated material which is stretchable to great extent. Many strands of the elasticated material are tied together to make a rope which is then covered with the fabric or the UV stabilized polypropylene plastic sheet of different colors. The shock cords, available at our place for sale are of differing lengths but mainly the 30cm cord is mostly applied which is stretchable to the 40cm when fully stretched.

The usage of the elastic shock cord is sole at our place in differing lengths. You may buy the different lengths of the shock cords which are wrapped around the reels of differing sizes of 100 meters and 50 meters. The shock cord reel is made with the hard and durable UV polycarbonate plastic. The shock cords are available in different sizes, colors, diameters and lengths. If you are willing to purchase the shorter length of the shock cord, such as, 20 meters, the same can be available in shock cord hank or coils.

The high quality shock cords are used with the hooks or toggles which are made with differing sizes. But, the main usage of the shock cords is fastening of the traps with the fixation points.


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