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Shock Cord with Toggle

Due to the importance of the accessories for the firm grip of the tarpaulins at the desired place, various types of the accessories are in use. The specific usage of the accessories depends upon the necessity of the accessory at the place and for the desire level of the grip on the corners and sides of the tarpaulins. Shock cord is the most important type of accessory which is in high demand among the buyers of the tarpaulins at our place.

The shock cord for sale is the made with the many strands of the elasticated material which are tied together in the shape of the rope. Then the rope is covered with the elastic fabric or the polypropylene plastic sheet. The shock cords used with the shock cord with toggle are normally 30cm in length which is further stretched to the 40cm when fully stretched.

Shock Cord with Toggle is used to fasten the sides or the corners of the tarpaulins. The toggles are made with the mechanism which can be passed through the tarpaulin eyelets can be either grips together or at the fixation points for the tarpaulins. There are two types of the shock cord with toggle which are widely in use in the United Kingdom market. One is fixed with the fixation points around the place where the tarpaulins are placed.The other type of the toggle is a two part swivel toggle which is inserted with each other in order to provide further grip and protection. The protection provided by the shock cords with toggle are subject to the strength and the design of the toggle. The high quality toggles are made with the metal and are uniquely durable and are made in the round shape which may pass through the eyelets of the tarpaulins. The toggle can also be made with the high quality UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic.


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