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Hessian Roll

Hessian Roll is widely applied type of the accessory which is hot popular in the construction industry. Made with the cotton waste, the hessian roll is also called jute or the burlap. Hessian roll is typically lighter in weight, soft in nature, breathable and is widely applied in the construction industry. In the construction and the building industry, the roll of hessian is used to protect the fresh brick work or the mortar against the frost during the chilly winter temperatures. Roll of hessian is used with lime mortar where protection against the slow carbonation process to take place and complete. In the hot temperatures of the summers, the soft tissues of the hessian roll are wetted to stop the ferro concrete or fresh brick wok from drying so soon in order to complete the chemical process of carbonation.

The constructors and builders buy hessian roll for the construction industry and the gardeners and the horticulturalists apply the roll of hessian fabrics to protect the nascent plants and the seedlings from the harsh weathers of summer and winter. Some of the artists use the roll of hessians for the artistic purposes. The hessian rolls are also popular in the Christmas functions, the weddings or the fayres as the carpet of the softener of the carpets as they are light in weight of just 200 grams per square meters and are soft as well.

In the small gardens and places, the hessian rolls are used to stop and control erosion and to prolong the wetness of the plants in gardens. In homes, the soft hessian rolls are used in the outdoor places to stop against the soil, hot earth in the summer and the frost of the winter. Different usages of the hessian roll make it one accessory which applied in the different places for the softness purposes.

  1. Eco Friendly High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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  2. High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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