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Tarpaulins are universally used to protect the place or the luggage in the vehicles from the water, rain fall of the fast moving wind in addition to the dust and the dirt. The waterproofing capacity and ability of the tarps depends upon the materials and the structural designs along with the accessories which are used to give the grip upon the place. These accessories play the final role in the best protection by the tarpaulins.

There are many accessories which are used to fasten the tarpaulins at the place the main role is played by the accessories. The cable ties are one such type of the accessories which are used to tie down the different parts of the shock cord or the two sides of the cords together in order to give the shock cord grip around the place and the tarpaulin. The cable ties are made with the very strong and durable material so that they may sustain the pressure of the fart wind or the wind while the vehicle is moving at fast speed. Hessian roll is a thick roll of fabric, wool, jute or burlop which is available in the shape of the rolls. This roll is used, mainly, in the construction industry where the environmental protection is needed to slow down the drying process of the brick work of the ferro concrete. In the winter or the frost, the hessian roll is applied to quick up the chemical composition process.

Tarp accessories includes the market stall clips as well which are used to grip the sides of the tarpaulins at the place. The market stall clips are made with very strong, hard and durable blue or black steel which is galvanized in order to protect them from the rusting or the oxidation process. The handles of the market clips are plastic coated to add the grip upon them for the human hands to work with. Tarpaulin fixing are used to grip the tarpaulins upon the desired place.